ACA Damages States in (At Least) Three Ways

Steve O'Keefe

ACA Damages States in (At Least) Three Ways

April 5, 2012

An ad hoc coalition of a dozen public-policy think tanks have signed a statement opposing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court to strike the law down.

Andy Matthews, president of the Nevada Policy Research Group, presented the statement to the Las Vegas Review Journal for publication last week. Matthews' statement, signed by the directors of 11 other organizations, specifically addresses the impact of the ACA on the states:

The act imposes new burdens on states in three dangerous and damaging ways. First, it costs our businesses with new taxes. Second, it costs our residents with higher premiums. Third, it costs our states, threatening to reduce access to care for Medicaid recipients on the losing end of strained budgets. Tallying these cumulative economic burdens explains and justifies today's stubborn public opposition. Far from controlling costs, the law controls lives--even to the point of worsening them.

On the Health Care Compact blog, we have documented several ways the ACA is hurting state budgets. Under the ACA, the federal government is mandating that states accept a vast expansion of Medicaid rolls without guaranteeing the funds to handle that expansion.

The statement on the costs to states of the health care law was signed by the following organizations representing their home states:

Brett Healy, The John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy

Dr. Robert McClure, James Madison Institute

Tarren Bragdon, Foundation for Government Accountability

Joseph Lehman, The Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Forest Thigpen, Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Brooke Rollins, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Dann Mead Smith, Washington Policy Center

Jonathan Bechtle, Freedom Foundation

Jon Caldara, Independence Institute

South Carolina
Ashley Landess, South Carolina Policy Center

Andy Matthews, Nevada Policy Research Institute

Gary Palmer, Alabama Policy Institute

Source: "ObamaCare damages the states three ways," Las Vegas Review-Journal, March 29, 2012.
Image courtesy of the Nevada Policy Research Institute.

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